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About Us


We AL GHADBAN COMPANY considered as one of the leading certified Waste Oil Management Companies since 1972, the first company who is doing the collection of used oil from the whole emirates and approved by the Environmental Protection Unit in U.A.E. and having the Permit from the Dubai and Sharjah Municipality for the Collection and Treatment of Waste Oil/Slop Oil/Sludge Oil from establishments located in United Arab Emirates.

We have been providing ship repairs to merchant vessels calling at ports / Offshore in UAE. We offer technical management / support to ship owners, backed with our in-house expertise for wide spectrum of services both marine and industrial, making it very cost effective for them by not having to deal with an array of another comprehensive


Why You have to choose us:

  • Well experienced and qualified staff.
  • Cost effective and client satisfaction.
  • Effective and collective professional management.
  • We provide 24 hours 7 days customer support.


How we will be your partner :

  • Easy access to the Management.
  • 24 hours service and followup as per your requirements.
  • Dealing with highly profile clients.
  • Using modern equipments and methods.


"One Stop Marine Supply and Service Center".

The benchmark of AL GHADBAN CO repair service is completion of work to the highest standards of quality on time. We cover all types of merchant / survey vessels, U/VLLC's, rigs, platforms, shore facilities etc.

We are one of the largest and most sophisticated environmental service providers serves to a range of multinational organizations. With an extensive, well established network across UAE, and a highly customer focused team empowered to cover various operations. We are certified holder of ISO certificates 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 for Collection, Transportation, Treatment & Supply of Waste Oil and Sludge Pertaining to Oil & Gas Sector. AL GHADBAN CO is proud to offer our customers a highly quality services for the following as per U.A.E. Environmental and Safety Rules.



All of our waste removal and collection specialists strive to provide professional, safe, dependable and expert service. Our staffs are trained to provide excellent customer service, are punctual and pride themselves on an outstanding safety record. We own our equipment and run all of our own jobs (we do not subcontract out work) thereby ensuring complete control of the quality of our operations. This asset is a key factor in customer satisfaction / service and enables us to provide within our own ranks the right person with the right qualifications for a given position, whatever the task in the U.A.E.




We have latest equipments which meets the requirements of marine and industrial are as follows:

  • Air compressor from 250 cfm to 750 cfm
  • Air mucking winch 150 kgs capacity rated 40 meters within a minute.
  • Explosion proof lights (Zone I & Zone II).
  • Explosion proof air operated trumpet blowers.
  • Pneumatic pup with suction and delivery hoses.
  • Electrical explosion proof jumbo multy outlet blowers.
  • High-pressure steam washing machine.
  • Moisture separators.



Safety is priority, Quality is our commitment

Nowadays safety is a subject of global concern. Since its inception, the company's policy has always been to insist on, and to maintain for all those involved, the highest safety standards and to carry out its activities in accordance with that the rules and regulations of the U.A.E. environment. The company is especially attentive that its workers comply fully with U.A.E. rules and safety regulations and particular attention is paid to industry standards and guidelines. All possible means are taken in order to reduce the risk of accidents to workers on board the vessel or onshore. Our both morning and night shift supervisors have a high sense of responsibility and are aware of their respective duties to eliminate all possible risks.

Knowing to have experienced safety conscious workers on the vessels is of crucial significance and value in our operations. AL GHADBAN CO shall be a company dedicated to preserving, protecting and developing our precious natural resources and environmental habitats. If we do our part in helping to establish greater controls and safeguards for how marine waste and other type of waste is handled, recycled and/or disposed, then we help to ensure that our marine and general living environments remain intact for future generations. We will always be looking for new and innovative ways to handle, process, dispose of and/or recycle maritime waste products. We are making a commitment to our Customers, Employee's, Our Country that we will always work in a manner that is safe and efficient. WE can ALL deliver a TEAM EFFORT and continue to bring about a better world for us to live, work and play.

AL GHADBAN CO provides immediate and professional solutions. Our continued growth and success in the market is due to our premium Customer Service.